Time my Aunt Died

One day, my brother and I were playing outside, my mom on the other hand  my mom was talking on the phone kinda mumbling. My brother and I walked in door and saw my mom crying lightly. We were hugging her and trying to make her feel better but we didn’t know what was going on. She brought us to her bedroom to tell us what was going on she said said “Aunt Debbie is having trouble”!We all started crying. My mom went to her house to talk to her but she couldn’t hear or swallow. At that moment when she got home she told us the sad news that our Aunt died. My brother and I were crying . I really miss her but I have great  friends to hang out with and that put a smile on my face.

1911~Reaction and summary

In 1911,  kids used to work in factory’s and only made 5 cents a day and couldn’t go to school and got injured, some even died at young age!   While some were working in the factory one person GOT CAUGHT ON FIRE they would’ve went to get help but all the doors were lock! So they jumped out the window THAT’S CRAZY! Some people couldn’t go to work cause they were sick, so they docked their pay. I know I would never work in there EVER!

War of 1812

W~war of 1812 was fought between the United States and the United Kingdom

A~August 24, 1814, British forces attacked Washington D.C

R~results the war ended in stalemate with neither side gaining group

O~over days, British ships bombarded Fort Mchenry in effort to make their way to Baltimore

F~February 18, 1815 the war was ended

1~once, Dolly Madison saved a famous portrait of George Washington when the British burned the house down

8~8 of January, 1815 the war ended and started on December 24, 1814

1~once, The British attacked New Orleans hoping to take control of port city

2~24 of December the U.S. and Great Britain signed a peace treaty of Ghent



Capture Of Fort Ticonderoga

May 10,1175

Today Fort Ticonderoga got into a battle when a small force of green mountain boys led by Ethan Allen, and Colonel Benedict Arnold went to the fort and looted the personal belongings of the garrison .  On Captain William DeLaPlace had 78 on force, no one killed, no one wounded, and no one captured. On the other hand Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen had 168 on force, killed no one, no one wounded, and  1 captured. This battle was important because the battlefield in British and American forces fought during the battle of Fort Ticonderoga was located on the shores of lake Champlain on the border of New York  and the Canadian province of Quebec the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga ended in surprise victory for thr American Colonists. Image result for capture of fort ticonderoga battle map

Sybil Ludington

She road her horse in the war at dark

she road on April 26 in 1777

was successfull on her ride

she was brave

Sybil Ludington

she was confident

she believed in her self

she was very brave rider

told militia forces to attack the British regulars forces