2017 Goals

My 2017 goals are to clean my room so I can get a better allowance so I can buy stuff for me and my family. Do workouts before I go to bed each night, and drink 5 waters each day. Work on my sports everyday at least 2 times a week and do it for 2 hours. Spend time with my brother and sister for about 1 hour each day so we can spend more brother sister time together before my sister goes to college. To give away some of my stuffed animals to the homeless and the orphanage and give waters and money to homeless. To go more often with my dad when goes fishing so he will teach me how to use a spin cast and catch a largemouth bass and a catfish.

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor got bombed on December 7th,1941 at 7:55 a.m.It was only lasted for 2 hours then it finally sank some people were still sleeping and some were not there because it was a Sunday and so they were off the ship,but that wouldn’t bring us down.Most of the damage on the ship was on the bottom because there submarines came underneath us so we couldn’t see them.This was a very sad day for America and I just want to thank all the people who served for our country we all really appreciate it.

Christmas Couplets

O is for ornament that hangs on the tree, as we circle around and      sing with glee.calee

photo credits~https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/6c/e2/69/6ce2698dc46463352721b1237812a72a.jpg

The Kid Who Ran For President

The kid who ran for president is a great book if you haven’t read it yet you should! The book was funny,interesting,and taught a lot about political party’s and all the other all that other stuff. Sometimes we had to stop the book cause we had to go and I would want to read it all day if i had the chance to. The two main characters were Judson Moon and June Syers their president name was called Moon&June oh and we can’t  forget about Lane Judson’s friend that wrote all his speeches and stuff.So yeah I think this book would be a great book for all kids 8-14 hope y’all canstart reading this book soon. 

Red Ribbon Week







Red Ribbon week was actually started after kidnapping, torture, and brutal murder of DEA such as Drug Enforcement Administration. Agent Camarena was an 11 year DEA veteran assigned to the Guadalajara, Mexico, Office And Agent Camarena got kidnapped while working and got murdered. He was murdered by rafael caro Quintero such as a member of CIA. 

Halloween Night

once upon a time Kylie, Jessalyn, Kynlee were in a graveyard. Calee their friend didn’t want to come because she was planning a prank on them. Kylie was looking at her dads grave. He came out of his grave, and had pizza down there the scary thing is he was dead but alive he was a GHOST! Kylie said “YEAH I WANT SOME PIZZA” Calee came dressed as a witch Kynlee,Jessalyn,Kylie all fell in a grave and Calee had to pull them out of the grave. Thats when it all changed. Kylie ate the possesed pizza, and turned into a ghost. But kylie was apart of Calees prank. I acted like I was scared too. We left kylie at the graveyard and we were running back to Kynlee’s house I turned around and ran to Kylie we hid behind a mailbox. We ran up and said “BOO”! “WE GOT YOU” said Kylie and Calee. Kynlee and Jessalyn were so mad . They all said” were going to get you back” thats how are halloween went.



Photo credits~http://quotesgram.com/mayflower-pilgrim-quotes/

M~Mayflowers first captain was Christopher Jones

A~Alantic was where they sailed

Y~You know that 102 people aboarded the Mayflower

F~Free Religion

L~Looking for free worship

O~Only 31 children on the ship

W~Weird to be at New Land

E~Everything was different

R~Reaching Plymouth in 1620